Choosing Bravery

Jacqui Nelson

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Kathy Scott

Choosing Bravery is a story of two people with brave and beautiful hearts. Ms. Nelson transported me to the 1860s in Oregon Territory to follow their high adventures! Élodie Rousseau was left in the wilderness and taken in by a schoolmistress and Osage warrior, both with special talents and skills they pass onto Élodie, which is how she becomes the legendary Yellow Feather. Lachlan Bravery, a legendary tracker, must join forces with Élodie to repay what he feels is a debt to a mentor. Ms. Nelson takes the reader on a western adventure with descriptive storytelling and tender romance. These two characters have to find a way to heal their souls and trust in what matters most. There are touches of intrigue mixed with a blooming romance between Élodie and Lachlan to make this novella an enjoyable story for lovers of historical western romance.

Choosing Bravery

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