Courting Carrie in Wonderland

Carla Kelly

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MK McClintock

Carla Kelly is an accomplished storyteller, and her latest book, COURTING CARRIE IN WONDERLAND, is a heartfelt and endearing story. I've had the pleasure of reading many books by this talented author, and I thoroughly enjoyed escaping to Yellowstone National Park with Carrie and Sergeant Ramsey. The author has plenty of her hallmark humor and sass, along with extensive detail and insight into the goings-on of the park during a time with which most people are probably unfamiliar. She has first-hand knowledge of the park, which shows with her careful attention to facts surrounding the park and the people who would have worked there, as well as the military presence. I've always enjoyed how the author seamlessly blends history with fiction. Carrie has quite the personality, and it all begins with her and Sergeant Ramsey's meet-cute as she's hiding from a bear. The staid sergeant tries, but in the end it takes Carrie's strength, kind nature, and winning charm to show a soldier another side of life. The romance is light in the book, but it's woven in to create a picture of a sweet relationship built on a solid foundation. Kelly's vivid characters and spectacular portrayal of the setting, makes this a great read for any fan of sweet and clean historical romance, with the added bonus of interesting history. Note: For those who have only read her Regency romances, this is not those. It's just as wonderful, but in a different way. Enjoy!

Courting Carrie in Wonderland

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