Defended by a Highland Renegade

Vonda Sinclair

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Nicole Laverdure

Enchanting! Defended by a Highland Renegade by Vonda Sinclair is a very captivating novella! Ms. Sinclair is a talented storyteller who never disappoints me, and Darack and Mairiana's story was very pleasing. I spent a wonderful afternoon following these two passionate characters through the Scottish Highlands. This story starts as Mairiana witnesses her future husband, Alec, murder a man. Therefore, the trust she had in him is definitely broken and she tries to run away. Then, Darack finds her hiding and decides to help her by running away together. Along their journey filled with action, twists, and turns, they will share secrets, and this trust will create a strong bond between Darack and Mairiana. Beautiful chemistry between these two made their passion impossible to resist. While running away together, Mairiana had to play a role that she didn't expect and events made her aware of Darack's Scottish charm. Who can resist a highlander! This novella was fun to read, and some scenes are so cute and funny! I felt a beautiful tenderness and passion between Mairiana and Darack, and I highly recommend Ms. Sinclair's books! Defended by a Highland Renegade is a Scottish novella to enjoy for a couple of hours of pleasure! I'm a fan of Vonda Sinclair and will always be!

Defended by a Highland Renegade

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