Quest of a Warrior

Mary Morgan

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Nicole Laverdure

It's utterly spellbinding! It feels so good to discover a well-written, fantastic romance filled with so much magic and passion that you can’t put it down! I hope you have lots of reading time ahead to enjoy Mary Morgan's new novel and introduction to her new series, Legends of Fenian Warriors. QUEST OF A WARRIOR is a little masterpiece and a real page turner! I am fascinated by the style of writing and storytelling of this author, and personally, I feel that she has outdone herself! Mary Morgan never ceases to amaze me! Treat yourself and be swept away to a magical and mystical realm where anything can happen. I read this wonderful adventure in one sitting and now I'm addicted to her new series! Once upon a time, Fae and humans lived in harmony, but as time passed, the bond and trust were broken. The goddesses choose the Fenian Warriors to protect the realms and aid the humans. In QUEST OF A WARRIOR, we follow Conn MacRoich, a powerful Fae warrior who is sent on a special quest to redeem himself after haven making the wrong choice. Ivy, a young woman with a special gift, is in Ireland to claim an inheritance, a bookstore and a charming Irish cottage left from her dear uncle. This is where something magical will happen to her. Because of her gift, she lives in the shadows, and this opportunity is perfect for her to start a new life. That's where Conn will appear in the same village of Glennamore, Ireland. On his final quest, his world will intertwine with Ivy O'Callaghan's world and together they will embark on a journey of passion, trust, secrets, and hope. The moment their gazes locked, they knew they were meant for each other. Conn is so mysterious and sexy that he took Ivy’s breath away. The chemistry between these two is hot! But, can they trust each other with their many secrets? Is love and happiness possible for these two beautiful souls from different worlds? Fate will weave a fine thread to protect them, but is it enough? We meet new characters and some from her previous stories such as the Dragon Knights series. I really loved Jamie, son of Adam and Meggie, because he's mysterious like Conn. I hope he gets his own story! The plot and mystery sent me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and you might even shed a tear or giggle during some scenes. Thank you Ms. Morgan for creating this little gem! It was perfect for me.

Quest of a Warrior

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