Summit Lake

Charlie Donlea

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MK McClintock

I clicked on the book because of the cover and bought it because of the summary. This book was also one of those rare cases (okay, only the second time it's happened) when I actually cared about the author endorsement on the cover. Catherine Coulter is a favorite author, especially in this genre, and she was spot on with Summit Lake. The summary tells you all you need to know before reading the book. Both Becca and Kelsey are relatable characters worthy of the reader's attention. I may have figured out who did it early on, but what I liked was that I didn't know I had figured it out until the end. Don't worry, it will make sense. Donlea delivers one heck of a debut with great pacing, plenty of twists and turns, and enough suspense to keep me coming back for more. If he delivers more of the same in his next book, then he's snagged a new fan. I highly recommend Summit Lake. Content Note: This is one of those books where the author includes a sensitive subject matter (and scene) yet manages to do so without the graphic details that might leave the reader cringing. I applaud the author for his delivery of the subject matter. There wasn't enough swearing for me to remember, which was a nice surprise and much appreciated.

Summit Lake

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