The Last Renegade

Jo Goodman

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MK McClintock

Bitter Springs is an interesting little town in Wyoming, but not nearly as interesting as its residents. Kellen Coltrane isn't what you'd expect. Yes, I figured out his real identity early on, but that didn't stop the enjoyment of watching the townsfolk try to figure out Coltrane. Lorraine Berry is a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn't stop her tender side from showing when she's with Kellen. Their chemistry is wonderful, and Goodman knows how to write a great scene that doesn't detract from the story. The townsfolk are just as endearing, especially two little rascals called Rabbit and Finn. Charm, wit, and romance are all wrapped into one great story. The secondary characters in Bitter Springs were a surprise and a delight and I eagerly awaited their interactions with the hero and heroine. Jo Goodman does not disappoint with this sensational, well-researched, highly sensual, and cleverly-written western historical romance. Goodman has fast become one of my favorite authors.

The Last Renegade

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