The Shadowy Horses

Susanna Kearsley

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MK McClintock

Brilliant, brooding, and beautiful! THE SHADOWY HORSES by Susanna Kearsley is a well-written journey with a fascinating and endearing cast of characters. This atmospheric book had me back in Scotland, walking the hills and interacting with villagers. Perhaps it's the Scottish in me, or my former desire to become an anthropologist, but I easily found myself transfixed by the blend of archaeology, ghosts, special powers, and a sprinkling of romance. One might wonder at first how the author will manage to take all of these elements and fuse them into a cohesive story . . . Well, she does it, in first-person narrative no less. I say that simply because I'm not usually a fan, except in this case, the author's writing style is so smooth and flawless, and had me turning pages well into the night. THE SHADOWY HORSES brings Verity Grey together with a mix of colorful village people, interesting colleagues, a charming young boy with a special gift, and a wealthy eccentric who isn't as daft as some people believe. I found myself enthralled with the history and paranormal, and I certainly enjoyed the dry humor scattered throughout. The romance is subtle, clean, and woven in like a delicate thread that vibrates through the story without overpowering other elements. This is the first book I've had the pleasure of reading by Susanna Kearsley, but she now ranks on my list of must-read authors. Read the book with an open mind and let the story take you where it will.

The Shadowy Horses

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