MK McClintock & McKenna Grey

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MK Writes:

Historical Western Romance, Historical Romantic Mystery, Westerns

McKenna Writes:

Romantic Suspense, Thrillers, Sweet Contemporary Romance

She's known for:

As MK: Montana Gallagher series, British Agent series, Crooked Creek series

As McKenna: Kyndall Family Thrillers, Second-Chance Romance novelettes

Meet the Author

Multiple award-winning author MK McClintock is devoted to giving her readers books laced with adventure, romance, and a touch of mystery. Her novels and short stories take you from the rugged mountains of Montana to the Victorian British Isles, all with good helpings of daring exploits and endearing love stories. She enjoys a peaceful life in the Rocky Mountains where she is writing her next book.

McKenna Grey writes romantic suspense and thrillers where she blends touches of romance with gripping adventure and mystery. She also writes small-town contemporary romance to break up the murder and mayhem.  

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