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Book Excerpt from AN OLD-FASHIONED TEXAS CHRISTMAS by Karen Witemeyer

Celebrate the joy and warmth of the holidays with two historical romance novellas from Karen Witemeyer, including a brand-new story that provides a glimpse into what the Archer clan has been up to.


An Archer Family Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, 1893, and the entire family has gathered to celebrate the holiday. While the men are off chopping down the perfect Christmas tree, an unexpected request for help leaves Cassandra Archer directly in the path of a dangerous outlaw. Desperate to protect the woman he loves, Jim Archer races to the rescue, only to find that Cassie's life is not the only one in peril. It will take a Christmas miracle—and the entire Archer clan—to keep a second Archer Christmas from ending in disaster.

When an unexpected knock at the schoolhouse door reveals a desperate pregnant woman on the run from a dangerous outlaw, it'll take a Christmas miracle--and the entire Archer clan--to make sure no danger befalls the child born on this beloved holiday.

Gift of the Heart

A widow and her young daughter move to Hope Springs for a fresh start, but with no money to secure a home, Ruth must convince a wealthy resort owner to accept her heirloom brooch as collateral. Will the pin that brought love to three generations soften the heart of a wounded recluse and give Ruth a second chance at love as the holidays draw near?

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In the author's words . . .

Readers have clamored for more Archer brothers, and I've been listening. I'm so excited to present an all-new Archer novella, featuring the only Archer couple who have not yet told their own story – Jim and Cassie!

I had so much fun reacquainting myself with the Archer clan. Travis, Crockett, Jim, and Neill are back with their families for an adventured-filled holiday family reunion. Meet the next generation of little Archers, be swept up in the romance of 4 Archer happily-ever-afters, and best of all, find yourself caught up in an all-new Archer adventure filled with renegade outlaws, life-threatening exploits, and family devotion.

But wait . . . there’s more!

This isn’t just one release. It’s two. The e-collection An Old-Fashioned Texas Christmas contains two Christmas stories to warm your heart this holiday season. Not only will you find the much anticipated Archer Family Christmas, but you’ll also find Gift of the Heart, my novella from last year’s The Christmas Heirloom. Two Witemeyer Christmas treats in one handy package!

Enjoy an Excerpt from AN OLD FASHIONED TEXAS CHRISTMAS by Karen Witemeyer

Cassandra regretfully dipped down off her toes and stroked a finger along her husband's square jaw as her lips broke contact. "Travis and Meri are expecting us," she murmured, her voice breathless as her pulse struggled to regulate.

Jim touched his forehead to hers. His eyes slid closed. "I know."

He sounded so forlorn, she couldn't help but giggle.

He lifted his head and raised his right eyebrow. "You laughing at me, wife?"

"Yes!" Using her palms, she pushed off his chest and twirled away from him, giggling again when he swatted her backside.

Goodness, how she loved this man.

Dancing away from him and over to the wagon, she glanced over her shoulder. "I want to see the rocker."

In three running steps, Jim was at her side, sweeping her into his arms and swinging her over the side of the wagon as if she were a child and not a thirty year-old woman who'd added a bit of padding to her once girlish figure.

He might not bury her under a mountain of words each day, but he communicated his feelings just fine.

As she found her balance in the wagon bed, Jim came around to the back and lowered the tailgate. The wagon shifted as it accepted his weight, but she barely noticed. Her attention was fully captured by her husband's latest masterpiece.

The rocker might seem a simple design, but she saw all the love poured into it. The hours of carving and lathing, sanding and staining. The lacquered finish that would protect it from wear and make it a family heirloom to treasure and hand down to future generations of Archers. A nearly identical rocker sat in her own parlor, though hers had a more ornate bouquet of flowers carved into the top of the back rest. Clara's had a small sprig of feathery blooms. The wood bore no paint to indicate their color, but Cassandra knew at once what they were.

"Indian paintbrush?" She ran her finger along the motif that so aptly represented the newest addition to the Archer clan.


Cassandra smiled at the lack of explanation. She didn't need one, anyway. After nine years, she'd learned to read her husband, to see the soft heart hiding beneath the sturdy exterior.

Many looked down on the newest Archer bride for her Comanche blood, but just as God directed red Indian paintbrush flowers to bloom amid Texas bluebonnets, he'd brought Clara to bloom and belong among the Archers. With Neill at her side, the two of them would flourish. That's what her husband had carved into the oak. Not a pretty decoration, but a statement of acceptance and commitment.

She twisted her head to meet his eyes. "It's beautiful."

He cupped her face in his hand, his thumb caressing her cheek. He didn't have to say the words. She felt them down to her toes—felt beautiful beneath his searing gaze.

She cleared her throat and turned back to the chair, her cheek still tingling where Jim's touch had been. "I'm so glad I went with red for the cushion. It will be perfect. I'll just . . . .um . . . run back to the house and grab it along with the box of gifts I set out for the children. We really ought to be going . . ." And she really ought to stop rambling, but she couldn't seem to help herself. Besides, if she talked too much, Jim was liable to—

His arm snaked around her waist, spinning her around so that his lips could meld with hers.

Cassandra sighed into the caress. What would a few more minutes hurt? It's not like Travis would send out a search par—

"Hello, in the wagon!"

Jim groaned. Cassandra hid her face in her husband's chest and bit her lip to keep an embarrassed giggle from escaping.

Apparently, Travis had sent out a search party. Or at least a search brother.

"Crock," Jim grunted.

"What? You're not happy to see me? It's been months!" The most jocular of the brothers sat atop his horse feigning indignation.

"I would have greeted you more cordially if it had been months plus about a half hour."

End of Excerpt © Karen Witemeyer

Learn more by visiting the author's website. AN OLD FASHIONED TEXAS CHRISTMAS released from Bethany House Publishers October 1, 2019.

Meet the Author

For those who love to smile as they read, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer offers warmhearted historical romance with a flair for humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. Recently voted #1 Readers' Favorite Christian Romance Author by Family Fiction Magazine, Karen is a two-time winner of the ACFW Carol Award and three-time RITA® finalist. Karen is a firm believer in the power of happy endings. . . and ice cream. She is an avid cross-stitcher, and makes her home in Abilene, TX with her husband and three children.

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An Old Fashioned Texas Christmas by Karen Witemeyer

Genre: Western/Historical Inspirational Romance

Type: Novellas

Heat Level: 1

Language Level: 1

Violence Level: 2

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