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Excerpt from A TANGLED WEB by A. Claire Everward

Threats loom and a long-hidden secret is at risk of being uncovered as a man and a woman locked in an unwanted marriage find themselves embroiled in a tangle of destructive webs.


Neither of them had expected this.

Tess Andrews needed to disappear. Ian Blackwell wanted the gossip chasers to stop disrupting his life. When the two of them said yes, neither had any idea who the other was, and they had nothing for each other but disdain and mistrust.

But when Ian is threatened, Tess has a choice to make. Keep her head down, or help the man she married face an opponent who could destroy them both-and risk him discovering her secret.

A Tangled Web is the first novel in the new Blackwell romantic suspense series from the author of the groundbreaking Oracle suspense series and of The First, her riveting debut novel.


In the author's words . . .

A Tangled Web was written for my sister. After writing several suspense novels, we had a discussion about different types of characters, story lines, and genres and the Blackwell series was born. The one thing we both loved about it was the fact that a highly intelligent woman who found herself in a difficult position, a position in which she had to marry someone she doesn't know, a man who seemingly controlled her due to the contract between them, still found the strength to maintain her control and independence. After all, it's a twenty-first century novel and as an author, I have the responsibility under today's circumstances to remind readers that women are powerful, intelligent, and can face any challenge if they are forced to do so. We can't wait for the next books to be written. With elements of crime, mystery, thriller and more, writing them will be fun.

Enjoy an Excerpt from A TANGLED WEB

by A. Claire Everward

"You don’t understand,” he tried to explain, finally looking up. “I’m sorry, Ms. Davis, I don’t mean to offend you. I know you’re not a tech, maybe I can speak to someone in your technology team? They will understand, they can help—” He saw Ian beside her and obviously recognized him. He stood up. “Mr. Blackwell, sir, you understand, you need me to continue this now, as it is with the transition we are losing time—”

“Excuse me, you will speak only to me. Mr. Blackwell is not here for this, and you may not address him,” Davis said indignantly. “You know what, that’s it.” She was shouting now. “You’ll be the first, maybe this example will straighten out the others, which is long overdue. You’re fired. You will transfer your work to Ms. Andrews and leave.”

“Please, you can’t do this!” the man blurted out and stood up.

“But I can do whatever I damn well want.” It was Ian who answered him, the anger in his voice unmistakable. He’d had enough of this. Of Davis, of this man, of this shouting and the unprofessional conduct. Of people around him being complete idiots and standing in his way. “InSyn is mine now and I’m sick and tired of you people telling me what I can and cannot do with it—”

“That’s enough.” The voice was quiet but left no place for argument.

Ian turned around. And froze. Before him stood what could only be described as a classic beauty, the kind of beauty that would unfailingly stand out, even in the understated way she was dressed, too understated for his taste. In a long sleeve, navy blue pullover, one size too big—there was no way she would need that—and a pair of jeans, plain blue ones. Plain, that wa s it. A woman who looks like that shouldn’t be dressed this plainly, the thought went through his mind. And she certainly shouldn’t be hidden away in some basement. Tall, slim, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Auburn. No, a true dark red, the mix of lights in this underground hideaway playing with its hues to confuse him. And her eyes, those beautiful eyes that rested on his, full of fire, were a piercing gold amber.

“God.” That came out involuntarily.

“No, just me,” she said and turned her back to him.

Anger flared. At her, and at himself for reacting this way. He wasn’t used to being taken by surprise.

Nor was he used to being slighted.

Beside him, Davis gaped. And in the shadows behind them, Robert watched with growing interest.

“Jayden Rees,” the woman said, walking to the shocked man standing at the desk. “That’s his name, and he’s been with this company since its inception, no one knows it as well as he does. What you need from InSyn wouldn’t be if not for him. Although”—she turned her angry gaze to Davis—“apparently loyalty doesn’t matter now that you have what you want.”

“Do you know who this man is?” Davis was appalled.

“No, I don’t know.” The woman turned back to Ian and he was hit by the force of that golden gaze again. “Who are you for him, Ian Blackwell?”

The eyes that met hers narrowed, gray ice meeting her fire with equal force.

“You will be fired for this!” Davis was nearly screeching.

“Couldn’t care less. I wouldn’t want to stay in the type of place that treats good people this way,” the woman said, never raising her voice, never taking her eyes off Ian’s. “Of course, now that you’re firing me, you can’t fire Jayden. He’s the only other person here who can keep the data function working.” And with this, she turned her back on both of them again and went over to Rees.

Davis was about to follow her, seething with anger, but Ian motioned her not to, a deep frown on his face. Instead, he turned to leave, Davis following him after a last hateful glance behind her.

Hidden by a divider to their left, Robert moved back, wanting to remain unseen. He had watched the exchange between his friend and the woman, had seen his reaction to her. Under any other circumstances Ian wouldn’t let things get this far, nor would he react this way, knowing intimidation came too easily for him. But he was in an extraordinarily bad mood.

And it showed.

And yet this woman, whoever she was, had easily stood up to him, to his anger, not in the least caring who he was.

And Ian Blackwell had backed down.

End of Excerpt © A. Claire Everward

Learn more by visiting the author's website. A TANGLED WEB released April 12, 2019.

"I always love a good romance — combine romance with a dash of suspense and you can’t go wrong. This story did not disappoint. The author did a great job of pulling you into the lives of the characters from the very first page." —Amazon Reviewer

"What I enjoyed the most about this story was the fact that it’s not your typical romance where the two characters fall for each other right away. Instead, it’s a story of building trust, of a healing heart, of friendship and mutual support more than anything, and particularly when Tess discovers a plot of an invisible enemy who seems to be set on taking the Blackwell corporation down. A mixture of thriller and romance, this novel definitely deserves five stars and more. Highly recommended!" —Amazon Reviewer

Meet the Author

A. Claire Everward is a suspense and romantic suspense author with a love of knowledge and a lively imagination that made writing the natural thing for her to do. Claire is the author of the Oracle suspense series and the Blackwell romantic suspense series and is currently working on her next book with the help of her two hyperactive cats and a laptop named Stanley Jr.

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A Tangled Web by A. Claire Everward

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Type: Novel

Heat Level: 4

Language Level: 2

Violence Level: 2

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