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Excerpt from COLORADO COWBOY by Sara Richardson

Come home to Topaz Falls, Colorado where a down-on-her-luck bull rider falls for the cowboy she can't resist in this heart-warming western romance!


As a champion barrel racer, Charity Stone has learned to hold her own in the male-dominated rodeo world. There's no cowboy she can't handle...except for one. Officer Dev Jenkins has made it clear he doesn't look at her like one of the guys. He's caught her attention but Charity doesn't do relationships--especially not with a cowboy. When she suddenly finds herself in charge of her thirteen-year-old nephew, who's had a few brushes with the law, Charity has no choice but to ask for the deputy's help.

Dev hasn't stopped fantasizing about Charity since she moved to Topaz Falls, but she's been hell bent on keeping her distance. When she comes to him for help with her nephew, he finally has the chance to make his move. Winning her over won't be easy, though--especially when her nephew's mistakes start to threaten his town. How can he do his job and still convince Charity he's the cowboy for her?

Includes the bonus story "Unbroken" by Jay Crownover!

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In the author's words . . .

This is the 5th book in the Rocky Mountain Riders series, so writing it was kind of like going back home. Topaz Falls has such a strong sense of community and I've fallen in love with the quirky characters who give the town it's wonderful personality. This book was especially fun to write because Charity is such a strong heroine. As a barrel racer on the rodeo circuit, she's become tough as nails, but there's also this inner vulnerability that she closely guards. It was so fun to see her start to open up when her nephew came to live with her. She thought she knew nothing about raising a kid, but it turned out she simply needed to open her heart and give love in order to let herself start to receive love. At the same time, her heart opens to Dev, and Charity's nephew isn't the only one who's life is changed. She discovers the meaning of connections and belonging, and how rich and rewarding life is when you learn to rely on others.

What inspired you to write Colorado Cowboy? Colorado Cowboy is my 12th novel, so I’ve been writing about cowboys for a while. This time, I really wanted to write about a cowgirl. I read a couple of articles about women who were pursuing male-dominated rodeo events, and that’s when Charity Stone started to come to life. I don’t write “alpha” or “beta” characters. Instead I prefer to write well-balanced characters. Even the most “alpha” personality has a layer of vulnerability somewhere. Charity is tough and sassy and independent, but all of those outer layers are concealing deep wounds that only love can heal. That’s why she needed her nephew Bodie. He’s a troubled kid, and when he shows up on her doorstep, Charity has to go through the painful process of opening her heart in order to save someone else.

What do you want readers to take away from the book? As I walked with Dev and Charity and Bodie on their journeys through this book, I kept thinking about the recurring theme of connections. Charity has made sure to have as few connections as possible because of her childhood. Bodie is a lot like Charity—distrustful and independent. As someone who was adopted, Dev feels like he’s missing connections in his life, but he also has a wonderful adoptive mother and father who have given him an incredible life. Each of these characters shows us how much we need deep connections with others, whether it be family or friends. We thrive in the context of community. Loving others and letting yourself be loved by others makes you stronger and more compassionate.

What are you working on now? I just finished one final polish of A Cowboy for Christmas, which releases this October. It’s the last book in the Rocky Mountain Riders series, so it has been bittersweet. But I’m very excited to be writing another cowboy series, which will launch next year. (I’m not at liberty to share too many details about it quite yet.) I’m also working on the first book in a women’s fiction series that will release next year as well. It’s a fun story about three sisters who each find themselves in a place where they need to recreate themselves so they reclaim the dreams they once had when they were young. Again, I’m not at liberty to share too much yet, but I’m having so much fun with these new characters! To stay up-to-date on the latest announcements make sure to connect with me on social media!

Enjoy a sneak peek from Colorado Cowboy

by Sara Richardson

“I don’t feel like dancing.” Charity reached for the steel metal tub that sat nearby and pulled out a beer, using the edge of the bar top to pop the lid before taking a long pull. If she ignored him long enough, maybe Dev would disappear.

He leaned in next to her. “Are you afraid to dance with me?”

That stood her up straighter. “I’m sorry, what?”

Dev looked around. “Pretty much everyone in this room is dancing except for you and me. Even Ty and Darla.”

Charity glanced in their direction. “So? Darla loves to dance. She’ll probably dance with every man here tonight.” She pulled out a stool and sat down before taking another sip of her beer.

“Okay.” Dev pulled out the stool next to her. “Then we can talk. Have you found your sister yet?”

She eyed him. “I’m not going to talk about Melody with you.” She didn’t need his opinions on the situation. “I don’t even want to think about her. Okay? Please? I’ve got enough to worry about with Bodie right now.” And she definitely didn’t want to argue with Dev again. Not tonight. Not when they were supposed to be having fun.

“Fine.” Something shadowed his face, but it was gone before she could pinpoint the expression. “We can talk about other things.”

“What other things?”

The deputy dropped his gaze to her lips. “Things like that kiss.”

Heat descended deep into her chest and surrounded her heart, making it pump harder. More beer. She needed more beer. Taking her time with another sip, she attempted to pull herself together. “I thought you said it was inappropriate.”

A slow smile got ahold of Dev’s wise, captivating eyes. “And I distinctly remember you saying you weren’t totally opposed to inappropriate.”

She couldn’t be held responsible for what she’d said in that one wild moment.

“I liked kissing you, Charity.”

This was new for her. The honest, direct approach. Usually men delivered clichéd lines she’d heard repeatedly on the circuit, but not Dev. He didn’t try anything fancy. He went right for what he wanted.

“It was a fine kiss.” She bluffed with a one-shouldered shrug.

“Fine?” He leaned in as though threatening to reenact it right then and there.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist if he went for it, Charity inched away. “Okay. It was better than average.”

Dev laughed. “You can’t admit you liked it.”

That would be admitting she liked him. And she couldn’t. Like him or admit it. She had to keep him out of her heart. It was easier. “Fine. I liked the kiss, but I’m not interested in pursuing it further. We’re friends and that’s all I want right now.” So there. Wasn’t much a guy could do if you friend-zoned him.

“Then it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to dance with me.” There was a challenge in his tone. Dev stood and pushed his stool in. “As long as we’re friends. As long as you’re not worried about falling for me.”

The insinuation that she might be worried about it stoked her temper. “I’m not worried at all.” To prove it, she stood up too. “So sure. Why not? Let’s dance. Just don’t complain when I step on your toes. When I said I didn’t feel like dancing, what I really meant was I’m a terrible dancer.” But it was on now. He’d asked for it.

“You don’t have to be good at it. You just have to trust me. I’ll make you look good.” He tugged on her elbow, and she leaned into him, navigating the uneven floor in her heels.

Dev faced her and slipped his hand onto the curve of her hip. “Just follow my lead.” He clasped her hand in his and swayed her to the seductive rhythm of the music. It flowed softly through her, warm and captivating. Dev was right. He did seem to make her look good. He held her firmly, urging her body to move with his. The touch soothed the fight in her, softening all of her rough edges. Somehow the way he touched her made her feel beautiful and graceful instead of inept and awkward.

End of Excerpt

Copyright © by Sara Richardson

Learn more by visiting the publisher's website. COLORADO COWBOY released April 2, 2019 from Grand Central Forever.

"Filled with humor, heart, and love, this page-turner is one wild ride."―Jennifer Ryan, New York Times bestselling author on Hometown Cowboy

"An emotional ride with characters that come alive on every single page. Sara brings real feelings to every scene she writes."―Carolyn Brown, New York Times Bestselling Author on Hometown Cowboy

Meet the Author

Contemporary romance author Sara Richardson has been a communications manager, copy writer, magazine editor, and whitewater rafting guide. The day after graduating with a master's degree in journalism, Sara realized she was too empathetic to be a journalist and starting writing her first novel instead. A lifelong fascination with true love quickly led her to the romance genre.

Her Heart of the Rockies series was published by Grand Central Forever in 2015. In 2016, her debut novel, No Better Man, was nominated for a RITA in the best first book category. Sara is passionate about writing stories that inspire people to believe in love and always enjoys connecting with readers. Learn more at www.sararichardson.com.

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Colorado Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Type: Novel

Heat Level: 4

Language Level: 3

Violence Level: 1

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