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Excerpt from HIGHLANDER ENTANGLED by Vonda Sinclair

Though Colin has sworn to never fall in love again, he cannot defend his heart against the strong, spirited and lovely lass who is like none other he has ever met.


Lady Kristina MacQueen suffered devastating injuries at the hands of a ruthless Highland chief, Blackburn MacCromar. Two years later, he kidnaps her for a journey across the chilly, windblown Scottish Highlands to flush out her sister, Anna—the woman Blackburn forced to wed him. Red Holme, Blackburn's second-in-command, is equally brutal and determined to possess Kristina. A Highland warrior and future chief, Colin Cameron has no intention of becoming entangled in the whims of another highborn lady. However, upon witnessing Lady Kristina being held hostage by the enemy, a knife to her throat, he resolves to rescue her and bring her to safety. When Red Holme sees Colin Cameron, he recognizes his enemy from a decade earlier and craves revenge even more than he lusts for the lady. But he is determined to have both. Colin is the most charismatic and heroic man Kristina has ever met, and he awakens her woman's instincts. He might be her only chance to experience a brief moment of passion. Even so, she holds no illusions about marriage, for no worthy man will find her blindness and scars appealing, or see them as beneficial traits in a wife. But she can't see how he looks at her. Though Colin has sworn to never fall in love again, he cannot defend his heart against the strong, spirited and lovely lass who is like none other he has ever met.

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Enjoy a sneak peek of Highlander Entangled

by Vonda Sinclair

"What should I call you?"

"Colin." The smile came through in his tone, making her wish she could see him. Was he a handsome man? Imagining what he might look like, she felt her face heat. What difference did it make? She was the last person to judge others on looks. To her, his kindness was far more attractive than the bonniest masculine face she'd ever seen.

"Please call me Kristina. Can you tell me… is Anna safe?"

"Aye, she's inside Bearach Castle, and the walls are heavily guarded."

"Thank the saints. I always worry over her, even though she is the older sister."

"Why do you two not stay together?"

"She chose to leave in order to draw Blackburn away. She didn't think he would bother with me. I've been staying with our aunt and uncle in Stirling. If Anna had stayed with me, Blackburn could've easily guessed where she was."

"I see. Well, you're both incredibly brave ladies."

Though the admiring tone of his voice made Kristina's heart swell with gratitude, she shrugged modestly. "I don't know about that. We're simply trying to survive." "You've had a difficult time of it."

Was he referring to her scarred face? 'Twas her main insecurity for, even more than her blindness, it made her unattractive and undesirable.

The grit beneath Colin's boots crunched as he took a step closer. "Did Blackburn harm you in any way?"

"Not this time," she said. "I'm sore from the days of riding, and I have a few scrapes and bruises, but no serious injuries."

"Neither he nor his men took advantage?"

She lowered her burning face. "Red Holme tried to." Her stomach knotted as she recalled the night the knave had crawled into her tent. "But Blackburn set Ralston to guard me." Renewed panic spiked her heart rate. "Good heavens, I hope Ralston doesn't get injured or killed in the battle." He'd been so kind to her when all the others had been nasty. Tears pricked her eyes.

"You're close to this Ralston, then?" Colin's voice held a slight edge. "Is he a good man?" "I think so, better than the rest, anyway. He told me I reminded him of his sister." She gave a sad smile. "No one has ever told me that before. I felt safer when he was near. He and Holme got into a fight while he was defending me."

"Is Holme the man who was holding a knife to your throat out there?"

"Aye, he's Blackburn's war leader and second-in-command. A madman. Aside from him, no man wants…" Remembering she was talking to a stranger, she pressed her lips together and dropped her chin. Even though it should be obvious why no man wanted to touch her—nor, thankfully, take advantage—at times she could not bring herself to say the words, especially to someone she'd just met. But Colin didn't seem a stranger anymore. How could she have grown used to him so quickly?

"What?" Colin stepped closer.

She lifted her chin, forcing herself to be confident. "Most men keep their distance. Fortunately, one glance at my face quickly douses the flame of their lusts," she said firmly. Why be afraid to state the obvious truth?

"'Tis ridiculous," he muttered.

She pulled back her cowl a bit. "In case you didn't notice, I have a scar on my face." 'Haps it was darker outside than she'd realized.

"So? You're still an incredibly beautiful lady," he said in a husky, irritable tone. Her breath halted. Could he be serious? No man had complimented her looks since she'd acquired the scar. Though she'd never seen it herself, every day she felt how jagged and deep it was. Unexpected tears burned her eyes, but she blinked against them, turning away from him.

"You're in need of spectacles, then?"

He gave a brief laugh. "Nay. My vision is perfect."

"'Tis most surely pitch-black in this cave, as well as outside," she said dryly.


She frowned, trying to figure him out. She did not like to be teased and toyed with. "What do you hope to gain by lying to me?"

"I'm not lying." His voice was almost a growl.

Copyright © by Vonda Sinclair

Learn more about this book and order a copy by visiting the author's website. HIGHLANDER ENTANGLED was released December 8, 2017.

AUTHOR BIO: Vonda Sinclair is the USA Today bestselling author of award-winning Scottish historical romance. Her favorite pastime is exploring Scotland and taking photos along the way. She especially loves ancient castle ruins! She also enjoys writing about hot Highland heroes, unconventional ladies and the healing power of love. Her series are the Highland Adventure Series and the Scottish Treasure Series.


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Highlander Entangled by Vonda Sinclair

Genre: Historical Fiction with Romantic Elements

Type: Novel

Heat Level: 4

Language Level: 3

Violence Level: 3

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