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No School, No Training Wheels...

Yesterday at 3:15pm my twins celebrated their last day of school, and I saw the demise of my carefully-crafted writing days.

Summer break has arrived! Which means lots of fun vacations, visits to the city pool, running my twins everywhere and back, and me trying to squeeze in a few minutes of polishing the pages of my fifth book whenever I get a chance.

Now that my twins are thirteen I find myself looking back to the "big moments" of their earlier years. I found an old blog post I'd written when they first let go of their training wheels and thought it would be a fun one to share with you...


Yesterday, I taught my twins how to ride their bikes without training wheels. I’d been working with them the past week (and by “working with” I mean I huffed and puffed alongside their bike with a firm grip upon their seat while panting out encouraging words) but yesterday was the day I finally let go.

My daughter went first.

Yep, I let go and stood in the street, fighting back tears (much like I am now as I type this) as my daughter took off on her own. She stopped shortly after with a look of immense pride and amazement. Her brother gave her a bouquet of flowers (weeds he picked from the yard) I gave her a hug, we practiced a few more times, and then I pronounced her an official bike rider.

Then, there was my son.

Quite a different story.

I wheeled him into the street, huffed alongside for a while while making sure that he not only remembered how to use the brakes (he likes to drag his feet instead of using the brakes) and why it was important to stop properly (in addition to the dragging feet thing, he thinks it’s fun to stop by ramming his front wheel into the sidewalk curb). He promised to brake and stop correctly, and then I told him it was time.

He told me, “I’m shaking with fear.”

I told him, “You can do it. I can’t keep up with you anymore. It’s time. You’ve got your balance and you know how to stop. You just need to do it.”

And then he did.

He even stopped properly. His sister ran into the street and gave him a bear hug while jumping up and down and shouting “You did it!”

Then, he practiced a few more times, did a fantastic crash into the sidewalk curb at high speed, and got right back on after an “I told you so” type of lecture from me about using his brakes.

I proclaimed him an official bike rider. Then, hubby came home and all three of us showed him what we could do.

A great day indeed.

Here is a quote from Dale Carnegie that seems fitting for this moment…

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."

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