Rules of Decorum

Decorum and Stuff

The Captivating Quill website is a place for authors and readers to come together to discuss books, share books, and lots of other things to do with books. As with any civilized website, there are rules of decorum. We say it this way not to sound snooty but because it makes us feel like we're in a Jane Austen novel.


Okay, onto the rules.


Rule 1: Authors, readers, and the random visitor who may or not be an author or reader, must all times behave in a civilized manner. This website and all it entails is a place for kindness, generosity and enjoyment. Rudeness will never be tolerated, and those who practice rudeness will be not-so-kindly removed. As the saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

There are two rules . . .

Rule 2: Moderators have the power, and are indeed required, to remove any content that might be deemed inappropriate, offensive, or rude. The bashing of authors and books are not allowed, neither are negative comments in general. Keep it happy and kind!

These two simple rules are all we need to keep this a place of peace and happiness. If at any time you have a question, please contact us. This is a privately-owned website run by authors.

This website is privately owned. It is run by a dedicated group of authors whose primary goal is to have fun while talking about one of our favorite things—books!