A Stranger at Fellsworth

Sarah E. Ladd

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MK McClintock

Sarah E. Ladd writes words that whisper to the heart and beg the reader to read just one more page. A STRANGER AT FELLSWORTH, the third book in Ladd's Treasures of Surrey series, is a beautiful and tender story of how losing everything one has can be the best thing to ever happen. Annabelle Thorley loses everything, forcing her to make both a terrifying and wise decision about her future. She escapes London and the oppressive hand of her brother, and makes her way to Fellsworth where she must work for a wage and in essence, seeing how the "other half lives." During her trials, Annabelle discovers who she really is and where she truly belongs. However, she doesn't have to do it alone. Through it all, Owen Locke, the gamekeeper at an estate in Fellsworth, is there when she needs him. He's a man everyone can trust and rely upon. I adored him a hero, a man worthy of finding the truest and purest of love and happiness. There's a touch of mystery mixed into the story, and while I figured everything out early on, I still found myself immersed in Annabelle's journey. Hers was an exploration of self-discovery, and I enjoyed watching her subtle changes as the story progressed. This is Christian fiction, yet the Christian elements aren't overdone, rather woven in here and there at just the right moments, and in the right amounts for the story. Sarah E. Ladd is a wonderful writer, and fans of clean, Regency romance should be reading her books.

A Stranger at Fellsworth

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