Beautiful Tempest

Johanna Lindsey

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MK McClintock

The Malorys and Andersons are back in the twelfth series installment, BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST. Jacqueline Malory, daughter of legendary pirate Captain Hawke, aka James Malory, Viscount Ryding, inherited more than her parents' good looks. She is her father's daughter in almost every way, often times going too far in her pursuit of more dangerous pastimes rather than more ladylike activities. This all makes for an interesting and delightful character in "Jack." When Jacqueline is abducted by Damon, a man who is not quite what he seems, Jack finds herself drawn to him—in part because of the excitement and in part because of her fierce attraction for the man she swears would never hurt her, despite how they came to be locked away on a ship together. BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST has all of the requisite makings of a Malory romantic adventure. Personally, I'm partial to the first books centered around the original siblings, but readers of this beloved family are no doubt going to enjoy Jack and Damon's story. With passion to spare, high seas adventure, wit, and a few Malory-worthy "battle" scenes, BEAUTIFUL TEMPEST is a delightful read for historical romance lovers.

Beautiful Tempest

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