Beyond Reason

Kat Martin

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Maria Rose Dariotis

A Man Bound by Honour . . . Lincoln Cain has come a long way since he was the young man that Joe Drake bailed out of jail that long ago day. Joe gave him a reason to be a better person. He wouldn't be the man he is today—he owes him, and Lincoln always pays his debts. Lincoln has promised Joe that he'll take care of his granddaughter, Carly, if anything happened to him. When an employee is murdered and Carly's life is threatened, Lincoln knows there is more to it than he ever imagined. And the thought of something bad happening to Carly has his heart tripping. Will he be able to keep her safe from the sinister plot unraveling? Carly Drake is determined to keep her grandfather's trucking business no matter what—it's the least she could do. After spending most of her life as a flight attendant, she's ready to go home, even though it's after her grandfather's death. It seems that trouble follows and her best driver is murdered, the business is at the brink of bankruptcy, and shady characters threaten her life if she doesn't do as they ask. On top of that, Lincoln Cain is the most domineering, sexy, and filthy-rich man she's ever met. All she wants to do is melt in his arms, and that can be very deadly to her heart. When the threats continue and come too close for comfort, Carly knows that she can't do this alone and Linc is the only person she can trust to help her . . . but the cost to her heart can be devastating. This is one high-octane, thrilling ride of a story! It definitely kept me glued to the pages. Kat Martin delivers the goods with BEYOND REASON! Linc and Carly's relationship sizzles with sexual tension—he's a sexy, drool-worthy hero and she's a tough cookie who doesn't back down in the face of danger. I can't wait for the next book!

Beyond Reason

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