Can't Fight This Feeling

Miranda Liasson

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Kaylie Morgan

CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING is a terrific story by a talented author! Psychologist, widow, and mother, Maggie McShae is equally tough as she is fragile. She doesn't want someone who will knock her off her feet in love. She is ready to come of her shell and at least try to find someone, even if that someone isn't everything she could ever want. Maggie didn't expect someone like Drew Poulos to complicate her life. Drew Poulos comes across to Maggie as a typical, rich playboy, but Drew isn't all he seems or what Maggie expects . . . but maybe he's just right. Out of what could be desperation, Drew and Maggie team up to pull one over on some unsuspecting people. Unfortunately for Maggie, staying cool and detached isn't going to be easy. Not that you can blame her for weakening with a man like Drew nearby. So much family drama, and a few good laughs to go with it. The author has such a nice and easy writing style that I got lost in the story and kept reading into the late hours of the night. Miranda Liasson brings the reader to laughter and tears with her charming characters of Mirror Lake.

Can't Fight This Feeling

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