House of Shadows

Nicola Cornick

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Kaylie Morgan

Exquisitely written and captivating! HOUSE OF SHADOWS by Nicola Cornick spans centuries and overlaps the lives of three distinct and fascinating women. Ashdown House is remarkably atmospheric, and is not just the run-down house it appears to be. In present-day, Holly, while searching for her brother, Ben. When Holly stumbles upon Lavinia's diary (1801), her life is interwoven with Lavinia's and the Winter Queen. The author seamlessly transports the reader from one time to the next, holding interest and engaging them on a fascinating journey of discovery, danger, mystery, and romance. The historical detail is magnificent! Cornick made me believe I was in each time period living alongside the characters. I felt so deeply for all of them. There is so much to this book that a few paragraphs of my thoughts won't do it justice. Read the synopsis and then read the book to know what I mean. With the knot of emotions the author evokes in this riveting novel, HOUSE OF SHADOWS is a must-read! Nicola Cornick has found a new fan.

House of Shadows

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