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MK McClintock

A haunting and superbly written paranormal romance! MARIANA by Susanna Kearsley may have paranormal elements in the form of time travel and ghosts, but it's written so flawlessly that one minute the reader is in the present-day and the next they are transported back to the 17th-century with Mariana. I'll say right off that I'm not usually a fan of time travel elements in books because too often I feel jerked from one century to the next—not so with this book. Ms. Kearsley's writing style is so flawless, with an almost silk-like smoothness that moves the reader from one page to the next. Julia Beckett is an illustrator of children's and fantasy books, a career choice and talent which enables her to live where she wants. With the help of a small inheritance, she purchases an old farmhouse she's coveted from the days of her youth. Little did Julia realize that there's more to the farmhouse, and her connection with it, than she could have ever imagined. Ms. Kearsley weaves romance elegantly throughout the story so that it balances perfectly with the paranormal, history, and every-day contemporary elements. Although some of the secondary characters are more integral to the story than others, the likes of Geoff, Iain, Vivien, Freda, and Julia's brother, Tom, all add depth, drama, and even frivolity to the book. I was so engrossed and attached to the characters that I fretted the ending would not turn out as I had hoped. Of course the author didn't disappoint and surprised me with the perfect ending to a beautiful story. Enthralled with every nuance of MARIANA, I cannot recommend enough the books of Susanna Kearsley.


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