Named of the Dragon

Susanna Kearsley

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MK McClintock

Memorable, moving, and beautifully dramatic! NAMED OF THE DRAGON by Susanna Kearsley follows the story of Lyn Ravenshaw, a literary agent suffering a heartache that has haunted her for too many years. One of her effervescent authors invites Lyn to spend the Christmas holiday in South Wales, a prospect that sounds both charming and in some ways, necessary. Lyn needs a chance to get outside of her own head and the memories holding her in pain. Upon arrival in the small village of Angle, Lyn meets a cast of fabulous characters who will forever change her life. Dreams are unleashed during the cold, restless nights, and matters are not helped when a young widow, and mother to a special boy, believes Lyn is someone else. Something else, deeper and unexpected, lurks in the shadows around Lyn. Is it the talented novelist, his brother, the kind caretaker, or the brooding playwright who is causing Lyn's heart to race a few extra beats and terrifying a young mother? The paranormal is netted within a fascinating history, and the subtle yet intense romantic elements I've come to appreciate from this author emerge at the perfect moments, both understated and beautiful. The author gives the reader's imagination leeway to draw their own final conclusions between two characters whose paths seemed destined to cross. Splendidly crafted and atmospheric, NAMED OF THE DRAGON is a must read.

Named of the Dragon

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