Promises to Keep

Genevieve Graham

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Maria Rose Dariotis

Young Amélie Belliveau lives with her family in Nova Scotia in her home town Acadia on Grand Pré. Little does she know that her life as she knows it will be a dream she will often look back on . . . The summer of 1755 is wrought with talks of war and the invasion of the British. During her family's fight for survival and the British onslaught, Amelia meets a young man fighting with the very army that destroyed his own country—a Scot named Connor MacDonnell. Having witnessed the English brutality firsthand, Connor tries to help Amelia at first as a friend she can trust, but soon their feelings change to a budding love. The consequences for staying at their home is deportation, and soon Amélia finds herself on a ship separated from her family. Although Connor has promised to keep her brothers safe at the expense of being a traitor to the British, he finds no hardship considering his hatred for Britain. How can one survive being separated from family and loved ones shipped to another country and manage to go back to your roots and family? This is a tale of strength, perseverance, and struggles that a young woman had to overcome and endure. The characters' struggles and strengths are truly felt, and I can't imagine going through what they did. History has shown that when stronger countries want to control and conquer peaceful countries, and forcefully take what doesn't belong to them, the result is frightening. Genevieve Graham did an outstanding job in her descriptive telling of every detail of the surroundings, as well as the feelings the people were going through. This was the first time I read a book by Genevieve Graham and it will not be the last. I definitely recommend it.

Promises to Keep

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