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Kaylie Morgan

Dragons, a sexy hero, a spunky writer, and an English castle. What's not to like? SCORCHED by Paula Quinn is definitely entertaining. It's a departure from what I usually read, but I've read many of Paula's other books and couldn't wait to try something different. The author breathed life into Samantha Montgomery, who is tough, knows what she wants, and is a riot; a lot of fun. Even with a tad too much virgin/dragon seduction talk, I really liked Sam all the way through. She's living a somewhat dream life while writing in an English castle when this dragon-turned-man literally falls into her barn. Marcus was turned into a man by another dragon, losing everything he knows and loves. Now he has to try to adapt to this unfamiliar world where he is in some ways inferior to his former self, or at least it seems that way at first. He is arrogant, handsome, and pretty entertaining if you look at him like a dragon who is trying behave as a human should. When he experiences an intense attraction for Sam, he's out of step with how to try and court her, or even just behave normally. His journey is fun to watch. Fantasy isn't a genre I favor, but the author did a good job of creating the dragon world and using their language and special abilities all while in the real world. I had to separate this from the author's historical Highlander books in my mind so I could fully appreciate this new style. SCORCHED is a great start to a new series.


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