The Promise of a Highlander

Emma Prince

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Kaylie Morgan

A fantastic addition to Emma Prince's Highland Bodyguards series! Book five in the series is the story of Logan and Helena, and it's a beautiful story of passion and adventure. Logan Mackenzie had been a mercenary for many years but now needed the help of the Bodyguard Corp. He would do what he must to help his sister even if it meant living by a strict code and giving up his former life. Helena flees to the Highlands after a vision warns of danger, and Logan finds her near death, but can he save her? Can she trust him with her secret? There is plenty of everything for readers who love a good Highland romance story. The supporting characters, especially Mairin, were wonderful additions. With ups and downs, complications, and plenty of twists, this is well-written and plotted story. There's even a mystery mixed in that will keep the reader guessing and leave them wanting more. THE PROMISE OF A HIGHANDER is sure to be enjoyed by readers of medieval romance.

The Promise of a Highlander

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