The Witchfinder's Sister

Beth Underdown

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MK McClintock

A well-written and fascinating story of a dark time in history. THE WITCHFINDER'S SISTER by Beth Underdown is a different kind of book for me. I like witch stories, but this one is not typical. It follows the story of Alice Hopkins, a young widow left with child, who returns to Manningtree to stay with her younger brother, Matthew. We spend most of the book in Alice's head with her thoughts. This isn't a style of writing I normally like, but the author has changed my mind in this instance. The characters who mattered to me were well-developed and the ones I didn't care as much about hung in the background like interesting extras ready to make an appearance at a moment's notice. THE WITCHFINDER'S SISTER tells of the darkness during the 1600s when women were accused of witchcraft and evil doers were determined to hunt them down and destroy them. The history is quite interesting surrounding the real Matthew Hopkins, and I appreciate that the author explained her research and the fictionalized account with an author's note at the end of the book. The author writes the story a little like a song: The beginning is a gentle easing into Alice's mind and world, then there's a stronger chorus, aka more exciting part of the story, and then it tapers into a haunting melody with a powerful ending. This is one of those books where the reader might not be quite sure what to make of it until they've read it through and looked at the story from Alice's perspective. This is the first e-book I've read in more than a year, and I caved because I loved the book cover and story premise. It was well worth the read and I'll be pleased to add this book to my personal library. Content Note: There are some disturbing, perhaps even terrifying, themes since the author didn't turn the subject matter into a lightness we would expect from many witch-like stories. I didn't find it at all disturbing (perhaps a little spooky) but some readers might.

The Witchfinder's Sister

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