Then She Danced

Janice Godin

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Nicole Laverdure

Captivating! Janice Godin is a new author for me, and her novel, Then She Danced is nicely written. Since I'm Canadian, I decided to read her book because it's set in rural Newfoundland, a maritime province on the eastern side of Canada. Then She Danced tells the story of Kathleen, a half French-Mi'kmaq, an Aboriginal people who are among the original inhabitants of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. The heroine in this intriguing story is a young divorcee in her thirties who accepts a job in order to forget her past and start a fresh new life. While she is organizing and sorting books in an old attic at the church, she discovers the journal of Emilie, a journal that tells of a tragic life. Kathleen is so intrigued by this woman that she goes on a mission to know what really happened to Emilie. Kathleen is not ready for love again, having being bruised in the past. However, a special man named Grant will enter her life to bring her peace, comfort, and love. But he also has a past of his own—with secrets. Together they will embark on a journey of discovery! Will Kathleen finally discover who she really is? This story is filled with emotions! I like the research done about the Mi'kmaq world and I will surely watch for Janice's next books!

Then She Danced

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