When the Scoundrel Sins

Anna Harrington

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Kaylie Morgan

Delightfully charming! WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS is the second book I've enjoyed by Anna Harrington. It's the romantic story of the brazen Annabelle Green and the dashing Quinton Carlisle. Annabelle needs a husband quickly, but an indiscretion has made finding a husband difficult. She turns to Quinton, who got her into trouble in the first place, and now she wants him to stand up to his responsibilities . . . or does she? Only, Quinton doesn't want marriage to her or anyone else, no matter how tempting Annabelle has become. The story has all the requisite elements for a passion-filled historical romance: a beautiful innocent, a rakish hero, and enough conflict to keep them apart until they realize they can't live without each other. The dialogue is quick and Ms. Harrington mixes in some humor to keep the reader interested. I've read so many historical romances lately where the characters talk and sound more like teenagers, but no so with this one. The author's style is easy to enjoy and kept me interested. I really liked both characters and their chemistry was fantastic! Ms. Harrington brings charm and passion together in this enjoyable Regency romance.

When the Scoundrel Sins

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