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5 Signs That You're Addicted to Books

You will come to know me through the words I write, and for an author, that is what truly matters.

I'm a brave person except when it comes to small, tight spaces or looking down from the top window of a really tall building. I can handle some caves, but it's hit and miss. McKenna Grey here, and this is one random thing you didn't know about me before, and there are sure to be more like it as we get to know each other.

I'm also the contemporary alter-ego of MK McClintock, and yes, it's a little strange talking about myself this way, but hey, I'm a writer and we're already kind of strange.

Cozy up and let's talk of books and spring. Since you're here, I'll make the rash assumption that you're a book addict, or perhaps you're not and you simply found yourself lost in cyberspace and clicked on a random link. Either way, welcome!

Authors are also readers. In fact, we can be some of the most book-addicted people out there. When you add in the ofttimes wild imaginations, it becomes a potent combination of crazy and fun. Spring is a great time to come out of winter hibernation and take the reading outdoors to sit under a favorite tree, a secluded bench, a mountain top, or a quiet place on the beach. One of my favorite places is the front porch with the mountains in front of me and a blanket over me.

5 Signs That You're (don't deny it) Addicted to Books

1. You don't go anywhere without a book. Whether an e-reader or a paperback, you do not leave the house with a book. You believe that there will be at least thirty seconds of empty time when you'll be able to finish that paragraph or chapter.

2. You justify excess book buying by telling yourself and others that the books are . . . an investment, adding to your education, something to pass onto your kids, not really that expensive when you think of them one book at a time, and so on. There's always a good justification on the tip of your brain or tongue. My favorite reason is, "I want the books, so leave me alone."

3. When you run out of space on a shelf, you don't get rid of books. You build another shelf (or another room, maybe even a new house). Okay, that last one is a bit crazy, but I wouldn't put it past any of us to think that way.

4. When you loan out a book, you make the person sign a binding agreement that swears they will put themselves between your book and a fire, a flood, or a raging ninja. They swear to guard it regardless of what could happen to them, and you do this all with the hope that they'll not want to borrow the book and go buy one of their own. As a bonus you're helping the publishing business by acting like a book lunatic, so there's no guilt involved.

5. You're so emotionally invested in a fictional character that when the story ends you feel as though you've broken up. You enter into the five stages of grief, tell everyone to leave you alone, and it takes weeks, perhaps months, before you're ready to move on and accept that you can trust another character with your heart.

What would you add to this list?

Where you do like to read in springtime?

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”

~Lady M. W. Montagu

Book Spotlight

He'll strike when she least expects it.

I wrote "Blade of Death" after book one in the Kyndall Family Thriller series because I realized I wanted to spend a little time with each of the siblings before writing their individual stories. I originally came up with Kyndall Family idea because I always thought it would be cool to be the only sister with a lot of brothers.

"Blade of Death" by McKenna Grey

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Type: Short Story

Heat Level: 1

Language Level: 3

Violence Level: 4

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