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Autumn Brings Beauty and Writing Bounty

Autumn is a favorite season for many people, and for good reason. There's something . . . in the air. For some it's the crispness or the crunch of leaves underfoot. For others, it's the cooler weather and the slash of color to be seen for miles, depending on where you happen to be. As a child, my family lived closer to the warm beach than the mountains, but we traveled often to the mountain states and cooler climes, so I caught autumn lust early in life.

I spend more time outdoors during the fall and winter than I do the summer. I am not fond of heat and summer, even in the mountains, brings a lot of it. When the calendar trips slowly from August to September, I can feel the change, subtle yet profound. The mercury dips a few degrees. One morning walk to the next reveals green leaves sharing branches with yellow and orange. Can you feel it?

I also get more writing done in autumn and winter. When the September rolls around, and especially October, my brain and body are more relaxed. The outside world--at least around here--somehow knows it's time to slow down. And that's when my brain gears up and finds renewed neurons. Okay, I'm not a neurologist, but I can imagine my neurons are renewed.

Many of my stories, for both pen names, are set in the autumn. It's a compulsion. I have to consciously think about the time of year and mix things up because my natural behavior is to begin a story in September or October. The Dragon's Staircase was set in October in North Carolina (beautiful), which meany when it came time to write the other stories, I'd have to include the other seasons. Shadow of the Forgotten scored a late spring/summer season in Maine and Virginia, and the prequel, "Blade of Death" was set during an icy December in Alaska.

For the third novel, and current work-in-progress, I returned to my favorite season. Autumn suits the characters, the story, and most certainly the setting. There's some spooky going on in the new book, and fall is a perfect backdrop to give everyone the chills (literally). There's enough light left in the day for lots of action, but the sun sets and darkness descends, making way for all kinds of wonderful and violent wilderness shenanigans.

Yes, autumn is truly my bountiful season for writing.

What do you enjoy most about this season?

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