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Battling Everything to Write Anything

Hello everyone! Today is my day of the month to host the blog, and it seems like the universe is working together to distract me from getting it done. I've sat down several times to write a witty, logical yet lyrical, informative post about writing, but interruptions are ruling my world today...

Twins need to get to school. Bus is running late. I take them. 

People who live in my house need food, so groceries must be bought.

Car is out of gas and won't make it to the store, so gas must be gotten.

Groceries must be put away.

Pets attended to or they'll bother me the entire morning for food and attention (which I freely give).

No, computer, I DON'T want you to make changes to some computer-related system I don't understand but it sounds important enough not to let you do an update to it without checking into it first. 

Coffee. Need more coffee. 

Dog is barking. Cougar has been spotted in the field behind our house, so is he barking to warn me of a cougar, or just a person walking by? (Our town is on cougar-watch right now, so it behooves me to pay attention to my dog). Or, is he tricking me and barking so I'll get up and hang out with him? Either way, I'm getting up. 

No cougar. But, do I have a plan if there ever is one?

Forgot to lock the car after unloading groceries. Maybe the cougar (or a burglar) could take itself on a joyride if I don't get up and lock it, right now. 

Where's my coffee? 

How long has it been since I got the mail? Should probably do that. 

Great, now my post on the Captivating Quills blog is STILL not done. Sit down and do that.

After I finish that post, should I work on my script that I just got good notes on for revising, or work ahead on my current WIP (work in progress)? Probably both. 

If my script does get made into a movie, who should play my lead characters? My minor characters? The dog?

Call for dog. Love on dog. 


What graphic I should use with this post?

I'm worried my second act in my WIP drags too much. There's not a lot happening, how could I rev it up, action-wise?

Hey, the cat is here. 

Cat, I'm not fooling around. Get off my desk!

Pet cat and admire fur floating through the air. 

Drink more coffee. 

Was Boy Twin wearing what he wore yesterday? Has he showered lately?

Pet cat more. 

What should we have for dinner? I have a ton of new food from grocery shopping, but I don't want to cook any of it. 

Josh Lucas should play the male lead if my script gets made into a movie. I dug him in Sweet Home Alabama, and like hearing his voice on those Home Depot commercials. 

Wait, are they for Lowes?

Awww, Josh Lucas decided to quit Twitter.

Maybe William Fichtner instead. 

I drink too much coffee.

I'm never going to finish my book.

Cat is glaring at me from across the room. She knows I'm a fraud who is frolicking about the internet instead of getting things done. 

I will do just that. But before I go, here's a picture of our beast dog (he's a big boy) and our super selfish cat who hogs the bed. Beast dog loves the cat so much he's willing to hang off the edge just to be near her :)

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have big plans for the weekend? I plan on drinking too much coffee, writing a ton of words, and hanging out with my family.


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