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I ordered a smart phone a little over a week ago. Not because I wanted one, but because my beloved flip phone had proven far too much of a challenge for texting (Hey, I lasted almost a year after my Blackberry stopped working). These days most everyone seems to enjoy the convenience of texting, and I didn't always want to be stuck at my computer (Which is how I usually text, with a handy desktop app.). I don't actually like to text, but before I drone on for too long about my turbulent relationship with phones, let's move on . . .

While searching and debating whether or not I really needed to upgrade, I found out my flip phone had a smart phone cousin that is equally resistant to dust, water, dropping, etc. I figured it was worth a try. Upon receiving the new device, I grudgingly started removing apps (because who has time to play that many games). When I got down to the minimum that I would need (text, call, contacts, compass) I figured I was done.

Then I went out with my mother for our joint monthly shopping excursion. She wanted to go into a store for a few minutes (a store I don't like), and I forgot to bring a paperback, so I sat and people watched. That's when I realized I could download the Kindle app and read from my phone.

I know, "Old news, MK," but seriously, it's all new to me.

I have around one hundred e-books I've purchased over the years in support of authors, but I've read maybe six or seven from cover to cover. I usually give up, or if I'm enjoying the story, I stop and order the paperback. Since it was only going to be a few minutes, I decided to give it a go, if only to pass the time.

It happens that I selected a book by Toni Anderson, whose books I hadn't read before. It was a gritty FBI novel, which suited my mood. The book, as it happens, was enjoyable, and I finished reading the book digitally. Speaking of Toni, she has a new book coming out in October: Colder Than Sin.

Did this convert me to e-books? Nope. Really, I don't believe a force in the world exists that could turn me into a regular e-book consumer. I will still shell out for the pure joy of holding a physical book in my hand. However, it has made me appreciate the convenience of having a library of books at your fingertips. While I may never convert, I do think it's wonderful how readers all over the world can read books that may have previously been unavailable to them.

I'm okay coming around to this realization late—very late—in the reading game, but I am glad I got there. Speaking of e-books, here's a list I look forward to reading. These are all on my Kindle account, and it's about time I made my way through the list, even if only a few per year.

These four will keep me busy in between the stacks of paperbacks and hardcovers waiting for me to enjoy.

Page by Tanya Anne Crosby

I'm always in the mood for a good historical Scottish romance.

"Page" is the SWEET/CLEAN edition of "The MacKinnon's Bride."

England/Scotland 1124: Page FitzSimon has lived her entire life in the shadow of the man she called father. Left to her own devices, with her mother imprisoned, she still might never have imagined that Hugh FitzSimon would deny his only daughter. Alas, when Scottish Chieftain Iain MacKinnon comes to barter for his son's release, she learns how expendable she truly is...

Libby's London Merchant by Carla Kelly

I've been a fan of Carla Kelly for years, and bought this e-book back in 2015. Wow, I'm really behind. I can always count on Kelly for a good read.

An engaging Signet Regency Romance of mysterious suitors and surprising secrets from the “the powerful and wonderfully perceptive”* Carla Kelly...

A Wish to Build a Dream On by Vivian Vaughan

This is another author whose books I haven't read yet, and I bought this one years ago because the cover looked like a place I'd want to put up a cabin and call home. It's sounds great, too! I should have scrolled through my Kindle books a lot sooner than now.

A warm-hearted tale of romance and adventure from “a superb writer who does Western Americana with flair and humor” (RT Book Reviews). Full of love and laughter, A Wish to Build a Dream On celebrates the magic of finding love where it’s least expected.

The Wild One by Danelle Harmon

This one I bought back in . . . 2012. Yikes! And it sounds like such a great read. I could have sworn I also bought this in paperback at one point, but alas, I did not. I do recall it having a different cover back then. This whole De Monteforte Brothers series sounds good! Lucky for me I've enjoyed a couple other books by this author.

Even when it seems the odds are against them, Juliet has absolute faith that Gareth will go beyond the call of duty, risking his life itself to give her and her daughter a home — and a love that will last a lifetime.

P.S. It's possible I will end up buying some of the digital books in paperback, if available. :) I will be sure to share more from the Kindle once I finish these.

Have you read any of these books? Do you ever go through all your e-books surprised to find books you forgot you bought? Or, do you read all the e-books you download?

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