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Christmas All The Year Through

Wouldn't life be worth the living Wouldn't dreams be coming true If we kept the Christmas spirit All the whole year through? ~Author Unknown

Happy December, Bookish Friends!

Throughout this month, we're delighted to be sharing a variety of Christmas books along with thoughts on this holiday season from The Quills and our wonderful and talented guests.

This season means different things to different people. There are those who do not celebrate Christmas, yet we find the spirit of the season can open our hearts in ways we never imagined, even for those who prefer to let this holiday pass quietly by. It's a season for all types of beliefs, a season to be celebrated with family and friends, a season to give and believe in the best in the people.

Whether decking the halls or playing Secret Santa, or volunteering at your local shelter or Veteran's center, there are many ways to give.

I remember one Christmas when I was still quite young, we went Christmas tree, food, and gift shopping. It was only when we arrived at a place I did not recognize that I asked my mother why we were there. A moment later I saw a family come out of their humble home with a look of disbelief and joy on their faces. None of what we bought was for us, but for this family, who I learned later had fallen on difficult times. I was too young to understand then, but it is the strongest of all my Christmas memories.

Dear, God. Thank you for giving me a family. Merry Christmas. Love, Lily. ("Lily's Christmas Wish")

I like how the people (aka "Elves") in my town come together to decorate and make the village bright and cheery for the holidays. I'm grateful for the safe and quiet place I get to call home, and how so many people think of others and helping those who may be in need of some extra Christmas spirit.

His eyes met Katherine’s, and her tears fell when Sarah showed them the angel—a little piece of Clara, a cherished holiday memory. There was still more to be said, more stories to share and memories to relive, yet for now, he set aside any remnants of sadness to enjoy his daughter’s joy. ("Christmas Mountain")

I'm sad that my younger sister is no longer with us to enjoy Christmas. It was her favorite holiday, and blessedly, I have many fond memories of her to remember as the lights twinkle on the tree or I walk by the lake.

This has been a year of troubles for many people displaced by storms and fires. Men and women have given up time with their own families to make sure others find a way through the darkness. They are true carriers of the Christmas spirit.

It is a season of hope, love, joy, giving, and gratitude, and I hope we all stop to think of one thing every day to be thankful for and to do for someone else.

May the spirit of this beautiful season touch your heart and bring you peace.

~MK McClintock

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"Ms. McClintock has a true genius when writing beauty to touch the heart.  This holiday treat is a gift any time one needs to remember the true meaning of love!" ~InD'tale Magazine

A Home for Christmas by MK McClintock

Genre: Historical Fiction/Christmas

Type: Collection of Short Stories

Heat Level: 1

Language Level: 1

Violence Level: 1

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