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Excerpt from A PASSING GLANCE by Amelia C. Adams

Are the things keeping them apart too great to overcome?


Posy McVey left the Kaw village where she was raised and came to live at the Brody Hotel to escape the unwanted advances of a brave in her tribe. She is happy to live near her brother and his new wife, but she misses the freedom she had out on the prairie, and chafes at the restrictions of living in the white man's world.

Parker Monroe is looking for a new job and finds one as a deputy for Topeka's marshal. He and his sister will be moving from the home where they grew up to start a new life in a new place, and meeting the pretty waitress at the Brody Hotel makes the transition easier.

But as pasts are revealed and prejudices come to light, will Posy and Parker be able to sort through their differences? Or are the things keeping them apart too great to overcome?


In the author's words . . .

A Passing Glance gave me a chance to explore prejudice in a way I hadn't before - from both sides of the issue. Parker had reasons for his hard heart against Indians, and Posy had reasons for rebelling against it. In the end, they had to learn to listen to each other and appreciate what the other had to say, and they each had to dig deep to find that courage. It's a message that resonates today just like it did then.

Enjoy a sneak peek from A Passing Glance

by Amelia C. Adams

Mrs. Dempsey’s boarding house was just a short distance away when five men stepped out of the shadows of a building and surrounded the girls, their booted feet scuffling in the dirt and their hands on the holsters strapped to their waists.

“What do we have here?” one of them said. “Looks like a pretty little flock of birdies.”

Posy’s breath froze in her chest. Her brother, Jesse, had gone to great lengths to hide her away at the Brody Hotel so she wouldn’t be forced to go back to the reservation. Giselle had even shot a man who had wanted to harm her. She was safe—she had to be safe—and yet these men looked so dangerous. Her hand slid to the pocket of her dress.

“We’re not birds, sir, and we’d like to continue on our way,” Carrie replied.

“We don’t have any objection to that, but maybe you’d care to join us for an evening stroll before you scamper off,” another man said. “We’ve just arrived in town, and it would be nice and neighborly of you to show us around a bit.”

“We won’t be joining you. Now step aside, please.” Emma held her chin high, looking the men straight on.

“I don’t think we will.” The first man reached out, grabbed Nora’s arm, and yanked her toward him. “And if it takes a little persuading to get you all to see things our way, well, that can be arranged.”

That was simply enough. Posy withdrew her small pistol from its hiding place and leveled it at the man who had grabbed Nora. “Let her go.”

He blinked, his eyes wide. “Just wait a second there, missy. You know you don’t want to be waving that around—someone could get hurt.”

“Yes, someone could—you. Let my friend go.” From the corner of her eye, Posy saw that Carrie and Emma had pulled out their pistols as well, and the men didn’t know how to react to that.

“Fine, fine.” The man dropped Nora’s arm and stepped back. “No harm done. Be on your way.”

Posy gave a nod, but didn’t lower her pistol until they had taken several steps away from the small mob of men. Her knees were shaking, but not from fear—she was angrier than she’d ever been in her life. How dare those men think they could take whatever they wanted? And how dare they yank Nora around as though she was some kind of property?

“Ladies! Please, wait!”

Posy whirled around at the sound of a man’s voice, bringing her gun back up into position. The newcomer froze and put his hands in the air. “I’m sorry to startle you—I promise, I mean you no harm. I wanted to tell you how much I admire your courage. I saw what was happening from down the road and was on my way to help you, but you handled it yourselves with surprising bravery.” He nodded to the pistol. “I wonder if you might put that away.”

Posy studied him. It was hard to make out his features in the dim light, but it was obvious that he wasn’t with the other men—he was dressed neatly, his small beard was trimmed, and his voice was kind and sincere. She decided to extend him a slight amount of trust and slid the pistol back into her pocket.

“I must say, I’m rather amazed,” he went on. “Are all you ladies armed?”

“Our employer insists,” Emma said. “And we’re quite glad of it—it makes us less dependent on men who happen to be passing by.”

He chuckled. “Especially men who don’t cross the street quickly enough.”

End of Excerpt

Copyright © by Amelia C. Adams

Learn more by visiting the author's website. A PASSING GLANCE released September 8, 2018.

Meet the Author

Amelia C. Adams is a wife, a mother, and a novelist. She spends her days dreaming up stories and her nights writing them down. She was born and raised right in the heart of the Old West, and has visited countless historical sites and loves learning about days gone by. She must say, though, how grateful she is for modern air conditioning, and that women no longer have to wear petticoats.

She enjoys watching good movies, taking very long naps, and finds tacos quite inspirational. Chapstick is her writing friend - the Aloha Coconut flavor being her favorite. She also greatly enjoys eating ice. (Just don't tell her dentist.)

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A Passing Glance by Amelia C. Adams

Genre: Sweet Historical Western Romance

Type: Novella

Heat Level: 1

Language Level: 1

Violence Level: 2

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