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Excerpt from ALWAYS A HERO by Marilyn Baxter

Love dogs? Check out Always a Hero by Marilyn Baxter in the RESCUED anthology.

BOOK SUMMARY (Always a Hero)

When a hurricane threatens St. Magnus Island, deputy sheriff, Noah Tindall finds Lucy Jansen home alone. She hasn't evacuated along with all the other residents, and the reason - her foster dog is giving birth. Six pups later, Noah convinces Lucy to go to his home on higher ground. No power, a tornado warning, and cramped quarters make for intimacy neither want, but both end up craving. Forever.

RESCUED is a heart-warming anthology of 8 great stories about love and rescuing each other while saving a dog in need. Proceeds go to Project Freedom Ride.

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In the author's words . . .

What do I love about the book? I love that this book is going to help save dogs! Publisher proceeds are going to Project Freedom Ride, a group that moves dogs from high-kill to no-kill shelters, and I am donating a portion of my royalties to a local no-kill shelter. Where else can you buy a romance and save a dog?!?

I’ve always loved stories where a dog has an important role. I remember loving Lassie on television as a child. I cried over Old Yeller and laughed at Snoopy in the comics. And who can forget Bruiser Woods in Legally Blonde? Or Sandy in Annie? How about Max in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? A dog adds a special element to a story and dog ownership adds another layer to any character. So writing about a pregnant Beagle and how she brings two people together was a real joy.

Enjoy a sneak peek from Always a Hero

by Marilyn Baxter

“We’re not going to make our midnight departure since the last pup took longer than expected. But we should still be able to leave before the worst hits.”

“Have you figured out where yet?”

Noah took in a fortifying breath. “Uh- huh. My house.”

“Your house? All that contemplating and that is the best option?” Lucy’s voice rose. “I can’t stay with a strange man. I mean, you’re not strange strange. It’s…well, you know. I never met you before tonight.”

Noah shook his head. They’d been alone for hours. If he was going to do something to her, it would’ve happened already. He didn’t think mentioning this reality would help.

“A shelter won’t take you with all these dogs. My house is in the middle of the island, about twelve more feet above sea level than yours.” He hoped that would quiet her objections. The eye wall was supposed to arrive around six in the morning – a little more than seven hours away. And, of course, Dolly would arrive at high tide, which would make flooding worse.

“Well,” she said primly, “that’s kind of you.” “I guess we need to find something smaller to put the puppies in to move them.”

“No problem. We can use one of those empty boxes I saw in the garage.”

They worked together and soon had the puppies transferred to their makeshift travel carrier. Chessie didn’t balk, probably sensing the storm and knowing they were there to protect her and her pups.

“Follow me in your car,” Noah directed.

“Okay.” Lucy’s reply sounded a little too perky, and Noah began to suspect she had no intention of leaving her house. He picked up the box holding the puppies, and Chessie got to her feet and moved to his side.

“I can’t force you to come short of arresting you, putting you in cuffs and throwing you over my shoulder.” He raised a brow as he thought about how much he’d love to let out his inner caveman.

Her expression remained stoic, and while he hadn’t wanted to frighten her, perhaps it was time to make her realize the gravity of the situation.

“Dolly is a category one hurricane right now. She’s set to make landfall in about seven hours right at high tide. That means about ten feet of cold, nasty salt water, maybe more, will come rushing up the beach, across that road and right into this house. And nothing will stop it. At that point you won’t be able get out and the water level will rise to…” He glanced up to note the ceiling height. “This room will be like a giant salt water aquarium, and you’ll be Dory.”

Noah saw the moment the risk finally pinged on her radar. A lone tear spilled down her cheek, and he felt like an ass. But she had to understand the consequences of remaining here.

“Do I have time to pack?” Her voice trembled, and her throat worked as she swallowed. “I need to put a few things into an overnight bag.”

He could give her some time, but not much. “Yeah. I’ll start loading the dogs while you pack.”

“This really is nice of you,” she murmured. “We’ll try not to be in your way.”

Noah bit back a chuckle. His two-bedroom house was spacious enough for him and his dog, but add in Lucy, Chessie and her litter….Noah was sure everyone would be in each other’s way.

“And as soon as the storm passes, we’ll leave,” she continued.

Noah refrained from informing her they’d probably be under the same roof for quite some time. Even if this house was lucky enough to avoid being flooded, she wouldn’t be able to get to it for several days due to downed trees, power lines and flooded streets.

He’d save that for later.

It took her thirty minutes to pack, then the two-car caravan made its way to Cypress Street with their precious cargo. Noah didn’t have a crystal ball to predict the storm’s impact so he chose not to say more than he had to.

More critically, being in close quarters with a beautiful, curvy woman was going to test all his willpower.

End of Excerpt

Copyright © by Marilyn Baxter

Learn more by visiting the author's website. RESCUED released November 8, 2018 from Borough's Publishing Group.

AUTHOR BIO: After discovering romance novels quite by accident, Marilyn revived an interest in writing. Since 2006 she's had over 40 short stories published in the confessions and romance magazines, and in 2013 she sold her first book.

In addition to reading and writing, Marilyn loves watching TV crime dramas, cooking for one and gardening in a few pots on her patio. Her motto is “Have passport, will travel,” and she is always ready to add another location to the list of 32 states and 21 foreign countries she has visited.

A native of North Carolina, Marilyn arrived in Huntsville, Alabama by way of Frankfurt, Germany. She has lived in Alabama longer than anywhere else and calls it home. She raised two great sons and now loves to dote on her three terrific grandchildren (two girls and a boy), a task made easier by her retirement from the day job.

Visit Marilyn Baxter's Website

Always a Hero by Marilyn Baxter

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Type: Novella

Heat Level: 2

Language Level: 3

Violence Level: 1

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