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Excerpt from NORAH: A SAINT PATRICK'S DAY BRIDE by Amanda McIntyre

When a dark truth is discovered Norah must now decide if the love she once felt is enough to survive a second chance in the New West?


Not proud of his seedy entanglements back East, Irish Immigrant Seamus (pronounced Shamus) Malone is determined to create a new and better life in the western frontier, but despite attempts to reach the woman that captured his heart, his letters for the last four years have gone unanswered. Will a plea for help from Noelle’s new matchmaker convince his estranged wife to join him in this new world, proving his love, and that he is a changed man? Passion (and a controlling aunt) drove Norah into marriage, but when she finds her new husband dabbling in drink and dangerous liaisons, she bid him farewell, relenting to his pipe dreams of a better life, while she remained behind living in the shame of a broken marriage. But when a dark truth is discovered she must now decide if the love she once felt is enough to survive a second chance in the New West?

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Enjoy a sneak peek of Norah: A Saint Patrick's Day Bride by Amanda McIntyre

Noelle, Co. 1877

Seamus Malone stared at the open bottle of whisky on the table. The potent scent reached his nostrils, luring him, beckoning. He was alone in the Golden Nugget saloon that afternoon. A brisk March wind blew outside, a reminder of the winter cold giving way to a brilliant sunny day—the day he’d first met Norah Francis Mulligan. She’d been shopping at the marketplace. He’d been at his day job, unloading ships on the New York docks. At nights, he tended bars at a local Irish pub in the district. The mere sight of her stormy blue-green eyes and the smattering of freckles across her pert nose had taken his breath away. Her unruly tendrils of cinnamon-colored hair peeked from beneath the bonnet she’d worn.

Mesmerized by the Irish beauty, he’d snuck away from his duties risking everything in hope of finding a way to meet her. Then, without warning, heaven found favor on him. She turned and gifted him with a smile that had nearly brought him to his knees.

Seamus caught the shrill whistle of the wind through the cracks around the windows of the saloon. It had been the first and finest in Noelle and was currently used for Sunday services and other religious occasions.

Re-patching the windows with a bit of warm tar, among a host of other improvements, was something he’d been meaning to do once the frigid temperatures subsided.

All was going well in the little mining town that four months ago had teetered on the verge of becoming extinct. It would have, had it not been for the tenacious and enterprising Charlie Hardt and the reverend’s brilliant concept of making the pact with the railroad to build its line through town if a minimum of twelve marriages took place in a given time frame. Reverend Hammond might call it a miracle, but Seamus called it desperation of the men who had suffered long enough in the predominantly all-male population save that of the soiled doves of La Maison des Chats.

Yes, the town was now filled with happily married men and women, for the most part, given that none of them had dissolved. Investments in the resurgence of the mine—now with silver instead of gold—made by the townsfolk had begun to see a small return. And as the marriages had helped to improve Noelle, so, too, had the money being earned through those investments. It was being put back into the little town, progressing it from a handful of crude buildings to a burgeoning community.

For Seamus, however, none of the success from the mine or even the promised railroad line set to begin construction later in the spring was doing him one lick of good.

The festive spirit of the holiday weddings and the romance permeating the town had inspired Seamus to once again send for his wife. But, as before, there’d been no response. He’d sent several letters over the years, many containing his entire earnings asking her to join him in Noelle. Countless times he’d imagined waiting on the train platform in Junction and watching her get off the train and run into his arms. He’d help her into the Red Bird stage, the finest transportation in Noelle, fit for royalty, and take her back to the town where he’d worked his fingers to the bone to become a changed man—the man he wanted to be for her. And then she would shower him with her appreciation in a private reunion that would last well into the next morning.

Dreams. Nothing but dreams.

He stared at the honey-hued liquid. A tangle of emotions warred inside him. Why had he thought this time would be any different? His throat ached for a sip or two—simply to ease the pain, give him some much-needed perspective.

“How’s your day going, Malone?”

The stench of animal hides jabbed his senses even before the lumbering voice of the man issued the greeting. He slowly pulled his gaze from the whisky-mistress attempting to seduce him into one small taste. He found Zeke Kinnison eyeing him with curiosity.

End of Excerpt

Copyright © by Amanda McIntyre

Learn more about this book and order a copy by visiting the author's website. NORAH: A SAINT PATRICK'S DAY BRIDE was released March 2018.

AUTHOR BIO: Published internationally in Print, eBook, and Audio, bestselling author Amanda McIntyre finds inspiration from the American Heartland that she calls home. Her passion is writing emotional, character-driven contemporary and historical romance and truly believes that no matter the circumstances, love will find a way.


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Norah: A Saint Patrick's Day Bride by Amanda McIntyre

Genre: American Historical Frontier

Type: Novella

Heat Level: 2

Language Level: 2

Violence Level: 1

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