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New Books for Spring Reading

Enjoy these recent book releases from the Quills.

A Portrait of Dawn by Samantha St. Claire

Dawn Fairburn may be disabled in body but not in spirit. The artist, Luke Brennan, may have eyes to see color and light making his artwork unique, but her clear vision for his truest talent will transform both his work and their destiny.

To Trust a Duke by Alexa Aston

Forced to marry a stranger after one chaste kiss, Lady Ashlyn Clarke spends a single night with her new husband before his regiment ships off to war. Colonel Reid Baker arrives home from the Peninsular War and finds himself the Duke of Gilford, assuming his new responsibilities and placing his rebellious half-brothers at a local academy. Will Reid break through the walls Ashlyn has erected around her and teach her to live—and love?

An Agent for Cynthia by Amelia C. Adams

Cynthia Baxter has always wanted to be a detective, and she's read enough mystery novels to be sure she's perfect for the task. She applies at the Denver office of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and is told she'll be contacted, but she doesn't hear from Agent Archibald Gordon until she's quite sure they've forgotten all about her.

Finding Forever by Marie Force

Maggie Harrington is in way, way over her head, running Matthews House, the shelter her famous sister Kate and brother-in-law Reid have opened, using Reid’s family estate to provide support to women and children in crisis. This job is just what Maggie needed after a disastrous episode in New York—or so she thought.


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