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New Release Roundup at The Captivating Quill ~ April 15, 2019

It's tax day in the US, and we'd just as soon have something better to think about. We all hate taxes (or at least we think we all do), but we're going to celebrate this wish-it-didn't-exist-day with a quick roundup of new releases. Enjoy!

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Winter Hawk by Carolyn Lampman

April 7, 2019 - paperback release

Inspired by true events. The Sioux call her Winter Hawk; the soldiers call her brother in arms; Captain Sommers calls her friend, but none of them see through her disguise. Posing as a seventeen-year-old boy named Abney, Morgan Jessup becomes a scout at Fort Laramie in order to clear her brothers’ names when they are framed for a multitude of crimes they didn’t commit. Armed only with a cryptic comment about an Indian Ring, a warning of danger, and the name Jason Sommers, Morgan begins her search right under her enemy’s nose. Investigating the Fort Laramie Indian Ring might be the most difficult assignment in Jace Sommers’ career. Nothing makes sense. The evidence, what little there is, seems to point to the Jessup brothers, and they’ve disappeared. Then there’s Morgan Abney, a still wet-behind the ears kid, who knows way too much to be as innocent as he seems. As Morgan and Jace struggle separately to unravel the same mystery, falling in love may be the biggest shock of all.


It Must be Magic by Sandra Sookoo

April 9, 2019

The most powerful form of magic is free will.

Averell Woode is a huntsman’s daughter, hidden away in an enchanted tree from the evils of the world. Though she’s skilled in all things forest-related, she yearns for life beyond the trees. A chance meeting with a stranger seems the perfect opportunity to stretch her wings, and she falls for the charm he wields, especially when an exciting adventure has come to her very doorstep.

Devon James Quinn Lansdowne, the spare prince of Annanvale, is trying to avoid anything that smacks of palace life. He’s not into intrigue or politics and much prefers running free through forested areas especially while in wolf form. Cursed to shift into the beast each night, he’s not looking for romance, but as fate puts him into the path of a woman who draws an arrow on him, he’s only too glad to change his mind.

When Averell is given an ultimatum by an evil queen—kill Prince Charming of Annanvale or face death herself—she wonders if fate is nothing more than dark magic. Quinn can’t let that happen, for Charming is his older brother, but how can he give up one life for the other? As midnight closes in, and at a ball no less, they each must make a choice. If luck—and magic—is on their side, everyone, even love, will survive.

It Must Be Love by Sandra Sookoo

April 9, 2019

The most powerful force in the world is love.

Lady Christiana Tremaine lives in the kingdom of Vesance, but ever since her father remarried, her stepmother—Lady Tremaine—has stripped her of everything befitting her station, has reduced her to that of a maid, and forced her to answer to the slur of Cinderella. Though the life of drudgery is horrid, she carries hope circumstances will change, especially when she remembers dancing with the prince who stole her heart. A chance meeting with that same man strengthens her resolve to change… if she can survive that woman’s deadly machinations.

Alto August Henry Ferdinand Lansdowne, Prince Charming of Annanvale has been searching for the woman who sent his world upside down and ran from him at midnight leaving a glass slipper behind. Though he’s been cursed to shift into wolf form each night, he has faith that the woman he’s coming to love will overlook his affliction. When he finds her, they begin an unorthodox courtship and he falls ever deeper, but their romance is fraught with obstacles.

When Christiana is locked into a high tower by her stepmother and kept there by an enchantment, Henry is quick to come, but when Lady Tremaine gets wind of their plot to escape, she lies in wait for the noble prince and leaves Cinderella to an ugly fate, for she desires power above all else. But as long as there is love, there is hope. The beleaguered pair will need to fight hard for their happily ever after. With luck and a little magic, they just might win.

Heart of Shadows by Paula Quinn

April 10, 2019

The light tempted him away from his purpose, and though he enjoyed what he could find in the light, he chose to stay in the shadows cast by it...

Commander Torin Gray is known among the Bruce’s most elite Highland warriors as Shadow because of his prowess at infiltrating any English stronghold and discovering its weaknesses before bringing the king’s army to its doors. His greatest skill is gaining trust and friendship from his enemies while planning their demise. He feels no shame or regret for the things he’s done, the people he’s killed. He wants no reward. After watching the English massacre his family when he was a boy, he vowed revenge on them all, one stronghold at a time. For him, the Scottish War of Independence is personal and he will not be stopped.

But nothing could have prepared him for the beautiful outlaw he’s about to face, or how bravely she draws him out of the shadows and into the light.

Braya Hetherington has always wanted to raid and fight like the men in her family, but her skill as a reiver is frowned upon because she’s a woman—especially because she is better at raiding than the men.

Having already lost one brother to war with the Scots, Braya is a warrior who seeks peace. So when a handsome knight appears at the side of the Warden of the Western Marches and is accused of murdering four of her thieving cousins, she must discover if he is innocent, or risk war. But Torin Gray is unlike any man she’s ever met before. He enjoys the scent of a flower and he doesn’t find her unappealing when she almost beats him at practice. Mostly, his needful kisses and possessive touch make her feel weak. And she likes it.

Will she forgive him when she discovers he is here to bring the hated Scots down upon them? Or must she kill him before he succeeds?


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