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Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon and A.I.S.

A few years ago I had a bout of Presque Vu, otherwise known as Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon.

Let me backtrack a bit…

At the beginning of summer I was so far into the writing groove that I was having a hard time climbing out of it when reality begged for my attention. Things like laundry, meals, and other boring stuff was pushed to the back burner in favor of living in my imaginary world and hanging out with my characters.

Then school let out and I spent a lot of time away from my writing and enjoying summer vacation. (Totally worth it by the way and I regret nothing. Click here for the pictures)

However once summer ended, kids returned to school, the house got unearthed from a shameful amount of dust, it was time for me to write again.

And there’s where the trouble began.

I knew what I wanted to write, and what I wanted my words to accomplish. The goals I had for my characters and the storyline were very clear in my mind.


I just couldn’t get it out right.

Everything I wrote was nowhere the level it needed to be to portray the emotions I needed, my word choice was off, and my sentences were stilted and choppy.

Did I walk away?

No! (aside to some trips to the kitchen for more coffee, and probably too much chocolate)

I applied my tried and true method for overcoming a bout of writer’s block.

A.I.S. (Yes, I stole this from Everybody Loves Raymond)

Simply stated, I put my A$$ in Seat and trudged through my block, one rotten word at a time. After I’d spent some serious A.I.S. time I found that the words came to me easier, and soon the scene was just as I’d envisioned.

What do you do when you’re facing a tough task?

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