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Trailers vs. Wagons

Today is going to be an "ask you all for input" type of post. So, my family and I (hubby and I have 14yo twins) have been thinking of getting a tow-behind trailer for about two years, and last night we finally decided on "the one".

All the looking around and evaluating different options and layouts and lengths got me to thinking...a trailer is like the Conestoga wagon of the 1800's!

(yes, I know reckon is misspelled, but it was too good a meme to pass up)

For starters, here's a great decorative pillow for the trailer...

My questions for you all: What tips do you have for first-time trailer owners? Any good ideas for meals? What do we definitely need to purchase to make hooking up power/water easy, and what is just needless?

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